Plastic Film Removal Prototype | STEM EDD Capstone Project

Background For the Project Lead the Way STEM Engineering program at Walton, our cohort spends senior year engaging in a capstone project for the Engineering Design & Development class, in which we identify and attempt to solve a real-world issue of any topic. Each group consists of three or four members who work together to create the prototype, along the way researching/finding experts, presenting to our peers & panelists, and iterating through viable solutions/testing plans.
My group decided to tackle the problem of recycling plastic films. The most common form of recycling in the US is single-stream recycling, in which unseparated waste is collected in municipal recycling bins, then transported to and sorted at material recovery facilities (MRFs). While single-stream recycling has increased adoption of recycling among US households, it also has decreased the quality of materials coming in; contamination from trash like plastic films (bags, wrappers, etc.) and other materia…